A New Reality

Your horses are part of your family. 
Keep both you and them safe, day and night.

Comfortable & Breathable

High-Density Material that won't stretch or pull hair

High Strength Buckle

400lb Breakaway Rating 
for added safety


IP7 Rating for full immersion
EquLuna Lighted Horse Collars

Extra Durable LED Light Strip

One Touch simple controls plus USB Rechargeable battery lasting up to 16 hours

Incorporated D Ring

Can be used for identification tags or to easily & quickly connect a lead for turn-in and turn-out

Double Line of Reflective Stitching

Added safety during low-light hours

Safety from Day to Night

Whether your riding during the day, at dusk, or at night, the EquLuna Lighted Horse Collar is there.

6 Colors To Choose From!

One-Touch Simple Control allows you to switch between all 3 Modes to include: 

Steady On-Fast Flash-Slow Flash

Whether they’re in the paddock, the stable, or the lower field, your horses will be easy to find and keep an eye on with our lighted collar shining in the darkness..
Our collars come in a variety of colors so you can assign different colors to each horse so you know who they are, as well as where they are, night and day.
Be Seen
It’s always complex to ride on a road at night, but our collars have powerful LEDs so you can be seen from up to a half mile away.
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EquLuna, keeping our riders and their horse family safe.

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